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A Beacon of Hope: Diane's Story

In 1998, amidst challenging times, a local domestic violence shelter welcomed the arrival of Waste Not's truck with eager anticipation. For Diane Silk, a woman at Sojourner’s shelter, Waste Not and the fresh food donated by generous partners was a “beacon of hope”.

Fast forward twenty-five years, and the impact of Waste Not's commitment to eliminating hunger and food insecurity continues to be felt profoundly by Diane.

Now a member of Hope Lives-Vive La`Esperanzã, a Phoenix program providing vital behavioral health support services, Diane is a witness firsthand to the unwavering dedication of Waste Not's team. 

“I also feel I've been blessed in my personal  experience throughout the years by the positive impact that Waste Not and their partners are making, which is an awesome difference on the tables of countless people,” says Diane.

10% of Arizonans are struggling to find and access food - that’s nearly 800,000 Arizonans.

Diane is not only a member of Hope Lives, she's also a volunteer. Surrounding herself with people she's come to recognize as friends and give back to the program that changed her life.

This Arizona Gives Day - we're looking to raise $10,000. 10k for the 10%. Help us rescue good food for Arizonans like Diane.

Together, we can ensure that no one in our community goes hungry.

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