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You helped to feed Sterling and her kids

We have all been through a lot this year and somehow...we keep moving forward! To be honest, there are days when it’s hard to balance changes at work, shifts in my kids’ school situation, and all the other things that need to be done to keep our loved ones safe. But then I think about the families we serve – like Sterling’s – and how thankful I am for all the ways that you keep us going at Waste Not! Sterling is a hard-working single mom with three children, ages 3, 5, and 7. And late last year, doctors told her that she had stage 3 cancer. That was a shock to the Arizona native. Sterling has always been a healthy eater, a habit she’s passing on to her kids. In fact, she was determined to fight cancer using natural means. Then COVID-19 hit. Her kids’ school and daycare closed. Sterling went on short-term disability at work ... at least that way she could focus on her family and getting better. But things didn’t get better. Sterling lost her job. Then her home. Next, she realized that if she didn’t start 40 rounds of radiation and 5 chemo treatments, she would lose her life, too. Sterling found housing at one of our nonprofit partners. And on days when she felt so drained from her treatments, she had a “blessing” waiting from Waste Not, thanks to you – fresh, healthy food delivered on site! Can I count on you to help more parents like Sterling? (DONATE TODAY)

In August, Sterling got a clean bill of health! Her kids are back in school and she just started a new job. Now she has a new goal: saving enough money to buy a house! With your generous support, Waste Not is on track to divert over 3 million meals from landfills this year and deliver them to our neighbors – just when they need it most. We’ve always known that Waste Not occupies a unique niche in our community. But it’s been humbling this year to see how many lives we can touch when we all work together:

  • Local restaurant owners had an easy way to donate excess food when they made the hard decision to close this spring.

  • 60 nonprofit agencies across the Valley had healthy meals to serve their clients – including hungry families, older adults, and people with disabilities.

  • And people like you helped to protect our vibrant desert while keeping good food from going to waste.

You’ve kept your community moving forward this year, and for that I am profoundly grateful. We never could have accomplished so much without caring people like you. In this season of giving, let me remind you that Arizona offers a dollar-for-dollar tax credit –plus the usual deduction – for gifts to Waste Not. Couples can give up to $800 – and singles up to $400 – and get that money back on your state taxes.

P.S. Sterling is cancer-free and ready to move her life forward, thanks to you. How many more hard-working parents like her can you help today? Thank you!

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