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People and the Planet Deserve to Flourish

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Ranking #1 in America as the worst offender of food waste, Arizona throws away $9.5 billion in food every year.


Meanwhile, 1 in 10 Arizonans are struggling to find their next meal.


We’re changing that.


We rescue food from going to the landfills before it spoils and deliver it to one of our 85 nonprofit agencies. That food is then used to prepare meals or distribute to those Arizonans in need. Last year, we recovered 2.5 million meals for Arizona - read more about our impact here.


Our community shouldn’t have to suffer the way they are now


And neither should our planet.


24% of landfills are food waste. When food is wasted, so are the resources that went into producing, packaging, preparing, and acquiring that food. Resources like water, energy, and money. Food also produces methane as it decomposes - accelerating the heating of our planet faster than carbon dioxide. 

To learn more about our work, food waste, and hunger - check these out:

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Karina Gutierrez at State Farm

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Hear from one of our long-standing partners of how Waste Not changed his entire business operations.

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