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At Waste Not, we’re creating sustainable food systems that help people and the planet flourish. We do this by eliminating food waste and hunger through innovative community partnerships.


Sarah Grone

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Waste Not is an Arizona nonprofit dedicated to creating sustainable food systems that help people and the planet flourish. For over 30 years, Waste Not has been reimagining and reinventing the food rescue process in Arizona. Each year, 40% of food is thrown away, and at the same time, nearly 1 million people in Arizona are struggling with food insecurity. We’re transforming this broken system by connecting tens of thousands of Arizonans with quality food that would have otherwise gone to waste. Our team of professional drivers and food rescue volunteers collect fresh food from local food businesses such as catering companies, resorts and event venues, and deliver that food same day to nonprofits who provide critical community services, such as housing and employment assistance. Last year, Waste Not rescued nearly 2 million pounds of food. By reimagining what’s possible for food rescue, we’re making our community and our planet healthier.