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Eliminate Hunger Today!

Are you a 501(c)3? Do you need food for your clients? If so, we’re here to help.


Depending on space, time, and the types of food you want to receive will determine which program of ours – Grocery Rescue or MealConnect, will work best for you.

Grocery Rescue Requirements

  • Must have space for hundreds of pounds of food on a routine basis.

  • Fill out daily temperature logs.

  • Fill out two agency forms annually.

  • Be available for one site visit a year.

  • Be willing to receive produce, dairy products, meats, bakery items, canned goods and/or prepared food.

Grocery Rescue

Ready to sign up? Start with filling out this form. **


MealConnect Requirements

  • Okay with receiving episodic donations.

  • Submit receipt of food delivery within 48 hours.

  • Be available for one site visit a year.

  • Be willing to receive bakery items and prepared food.

Does this sound like it's for you? You can sign up for MealConnect even if you are a part of Grocery Rescue. Click here.

Got more questions? Contact us!


Karina Gutierrez - Agency & Community Initiatives Manager


Call or Text: 602-721-8113

**Please note: due to high volume of needs, you may be placed on a waiting list for Grocery Rescue.**

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