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How One Business Went to Zero-Landfill

Meet Steve.

Steve Short standing

Steve Short is the COO of Atlasta Catering. Fifteen years ago, Steve was on a path to define what sustainability meant for him and his business. He wanted to go to zero-landfill. He just didn’t know how.

Until Waste Not.

Steve’s passion for sustainability in the food industry is inherited from his dad who used to deliver food once a month to local churches when he was growing up. During the financial crisis of 2008, many businesses were re-thinking how they operated, how they could stay relevant, and create sustainable practices. Atlasta Catering was no exception.

Steve knew that he could alter the trajectory of Atlasta Catering by giving back to the community. It was time for a change.

“We have an obligation to help people,” Steve says. “And to not pollute our environment. Waste Not gives my business purpose. And there’s nothing like it out there.”

Children sitting with a meal in front of them.

In 2022, when Steve’s business, Atlasta Catering was giving twice a month, we recovered over 10,000 meals. Now, Atlasta Catering gives to Waste Not twice a week.

Five days a week, Waste Not drivers are picking up and dropping off food from our food donors to our network of over 85 nonprofits in need. And if the food is no longer suitable for people to eat, such as wilted lettuce or stale bread, we’re handing this over to farms to use for animal feed. No food donated to Waste Not goes to waste.

Steve is right. We do have an obligation. To create a tomorrow where people and the planet flourish. But we need you because without a healthy planet, there is no chance for healthy people. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Donate today.

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