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Valley kids go hungry every summer. Be a summer hunger hero.

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

We’re a few weeks into summer break for our Valley kids and new routines, summer camps, pool parties, and plentiful snacks are the norm for so many. Your kids may not always eat the healthiest when they’re at a friend’s house, but hey, they’re fed and it’s only temporary, right?!

For some kids though, summer breaks are really hard and time seems to move slowly because they’re hungry. Snacks are infrequent and they often miss meals altogether. A staggering 1 in 5 children in Maricopa County don’t have enough food to lead active, healthy lives.

While we know that school breaks can be challenging for any family, it may be surprising to know that a majority of families experiencing chronic hunger have working parents who simply can’t make ends meet and have to choose between paying their bills or putting food on the table.

During the school year, many of these kids receive free breakfast and lunch in their cafeterias to help fill the gap, but during the summer months have nowhere to turn. These Valley children are out of school on summer break for an average of 75 days without the dependable meals that are provided by their schools – adding up to a lot of missed meals.

Hunger deprives our Valley kids of more than just food. We know that hungry children are more likely to experience health issues, struggle with academics, and have more social and behavioral problems, which only perpetuate a cycle of poverty.

We’re asking you to take part in our solution to summer hunger. 32% of the nonprofits that Waste Not delivers healthy food to, provide dependable meals to children and families. Moving the needle on hunger is possible, but takes action from dedicated people like you.


Organize a food drive Make and deliver a home-cooked meal to a lonely neighbor Pack an extra snack for your kids to share with someone in need Join our Ride Along program & double your impact


What are your favorite summer recipes? We rounded up a few great zero-waste summer snack and lunch ideas for your kids:


  1. Just because school’s out doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Food waste is a big contributor to our carbon footprint- try this simple activity to teach kids about how to take care of our planet.

Our longtime supporter, TriDave, is offering a matching gift up to $20,000 this summer- double your monthly impact! Please consider making a gift to feed the children, youth, and families we feed this summer.

Your monthly gift:

1. Fuels our (literal) tanks. Monthly donors ensure that we are always able to rescue good food and deliver it to those who need it most.

2. Provides predictable revenue. Monthly giving helps Waste Not avoid peaks and valleys of revenue, ensuring that we can spend more time on strategic planning, training, and operation logistics, and less on fundraising.

3. Simply put, it sustains our work. Our Ride Along members support the day-to-day work of Waste Not and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to our mission.

We know that our supporters care about our environment and food insecure families and individuals, and with predictable revenue from supporters like you, the Waste Not team can spend more time developing innovative initiatives that move the needle on hunger in our community.

Every dollar enables us to provide FIVE meals and your $18 commitment will feed a child on summer break for one month while $36 feeds a mother and her child every month.

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