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Old Friends, New Perspectives: An Art Exhibit to Remember

Joseph Breton is a long-time friend of Waste Not and an international artist.

artist wearing a black cap
Joseph Breton

Describing himself as a classic modernist, each piece of his is a mesmerizing exercise in controlled passion, and where colored shapes, dynamic lines, synthetic text, and automatic writing collide in an existential moment.

Joseph Breton will be holding an art exhibit where 40% of the proceeds from art sold will be donated to Waste Not. Details below:

painting to be displayed at art exhibit

Day: Friday, November 3rd

Time: 6pm

Where: 6631 E. Cheney Dr.

Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Wine and live music will be featured along with the revealing of Breton's piece: "Art Unplugged in the Age of AI".

For more details about the event, along with more about the artist himself, click the link here.

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