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Waste Not and United Food Bank Announce a Formal Partnership to Increase Impact in the Valley

MESA, August 12 – United Food Bank announces a formal collaboration with Waste Not, an organization focused on collecting and distributing excess perishable food items that would otherwise be thrown away. Effective immediately, Waste Not will operate as a United Food Bank affiliate, maintaining its own 501(c)(3) charitable status. The two community-based nonprofit organizations provide food assistance throughout the Valley and hope to make an even greater impact on hunger through their newly combined efforts.

“The reason a nonprofit exists is to provide a solution to a community need and our two organizations have both worked tirelessly for many years to answer the same need, but in different, complementary ways,” said Christina La Porte, Waste Not Board President.

Together, they will now leverage their combined resources, shared talent and leadership, infrastructure, and operating efficiencies to improve and expand their response to the challenges of local hunger and food waste.

Currently, United Food Bank and Waste Not together save 8 million pounds annually of edible, perishable food from grocery stores, caterers, and other food purveyors that would otherwise be discarded. This food is shared with partner agencies throughout the East Valley that serve people in need of food assistance.

“United Food Bank is pleased to partner with Waste Not,” says Mariann Ward, United Food Bank Board Chair. “Waste Not’s offerings, combined with our national resources, will enable us to leverage programs and systems for the communities we serve.”

“We are very excited to welcome Waste Not and their complementary program to our team as a wonderful value-add to the constituents we serve. Their unique service of prepared food rescue is an innovative solution to our widespread hunger issue,” stated Dave Richins, United Food Bank CEO.

“Last year, Waste Not recovered 3.5 million pounds of prepared food that would have otherwise gone to waste­—a record in the agency’s 32-year history,” added Kate Thoene, Executive Director at Waste Not. “I’m thrilled to be working with United Food Bank, who prioritizes collaboration and sees this expanded partnership and prepared food rescue as an avenue to move the needle on hunger relief in Arizona.”

Addressing hunger in our community depends on continued support from the public. Help United Food Bank and Waste Not achieve a Million Meals this summer by donating at

About United Food Bank

United Food Bank is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been providing hunger relief to people in need in the East Valley and eastern Arizona for more than 35 years. We collect, acquire, store and distribute food and related commodities to more than 220 partner agencies that serve more than 228,000 people in need across more than 19,500 square miles. Last year, United Food Bank distributed almost 24 million pounds of food providing nearly 19.5 million meals to our neighbors in need.

Visit us at Follow us on Twitter @unitedfoodbank

About Waste Not

Established in 1987, Waste Not is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose trucks and drivers are on the road five days per week to answer the need for food assistance by collecting excess perishable food from caterers, grocers, and various other food purveyors—food that would otherwise be thrown away. Waste Not delivers the food, same day, to more than 60 diverse agencies that feed the hungry including schools, after-school programs, daycare centers, rehabilitation centers, transition homes, and senior facilities. A record 3.5 million pounds of food was transferred in 2018.

Visit us at Follow us on Twitter @wastenotaz

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