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Ride along with us

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

This #GivingTuesday, we're inviting you to (virtually) ride along with us on this food delivery route to see the impact you help make possible.

First Stop: Load up 1,000 meals!

We're grateful to be a partner with the City of Phoenix's Meals That Work program--here's a peek behind the scenes at all of the work that goes into feeding our community: Our first stop is a loading dock behind the Phoenix Convention Center at 8am on a Wednesday morning to meet our driver, Jesus, and Phoenix Convention Center staff, Kelly & Matthew, who load 1,000 individually boxed meals into the back of a refrigerated truck. As they skillfully maneuvered a pallet jack stacked with boxes and boxes full of these delicious meals, they talked about the chefs who made the meals and their excitement to be involved in feeding our community.


Each meal is frozen and today's menu is penne pasta w/ bolognese sauce, a side of mixed Italian vegetables, and a chocolate chip cookie

First Delivery: St. Vincent de Paul

Our first delivery is to St. Vincent de Paul. Our driver, Jesus, (AKA Food Rescue Hero) skillfully backs up through a gate behind the kitchen and we are greeted by the chef. As we helped load hundreds of meals onto a cart, the chef shared with us how excited he was to receive this food. He explained that they serve these meals in their homeless shelter, provide them to 15 other nonprofit agencies, and also keep some on-hand to heat up and give out as needed for people who walk through their doors with an empty belly. We're so grateful to be able to do this work--thanks for riding along with us as we drive out hunger.


Second Delivery: Paideia Academy

Our second food delivery is to Paideia Academy in South Phoenix. Each week, they receive 120 fully prepared meals that they provide to their kindergarten-8th grade students & families. Meeting families in need exactly where they are at is crucial to alleviating hunger in our communities and we never want the people we serve to spend their precious resources on traveling out of their way to put food on their table. At Paideia Academy, families sign up for the meals they need each week and pick them at the same time they pick up their children.

"The families who receive these are really grateful because they’re able to supplement the meals that they provide their kids for dinner. I feel good knowing that they always have something healthy to eat." - Dawn, Paideia Academy staff

Third Delivery: Christ Lutheran Church in Arcadia

Our third food delivery is to Christ Lutheran Church in Arcadia. For many who live here in the Valley, Arcadia might seem like the most unlikely of places for people who are food insecure, and yet, Pastor Jeff explained that their congregations provides food several days per week--like the hundreds of meals being delivered today--to neighbors in need. Some of these meals are delivered to a nearby transitional apartment program, some to the new mothers at Maggie’s Place, and some to a women’s shelter for domestic violence survivors. It feels really good to know that each one of these meals is being delivered to our community's most vulnerable at a time when getting to a grocery store or cooking for themselves is not always an option.


GivingTuesday is a global day of generosity that will take place on November 30, 2021.

It's an opportunity for people around the world to come together to thank, help, give, show kindness, and share what they have with those in need.

We're inviting you to donate to Waste Not as we drive out hunger and food waste in our community!

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