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Meet April: A working mother of 10 (7 siblings adopted!) and Waste Not food recipient

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when facing an ongoing challenge? We all have, and it’s especially apparent during this time of year.

Meet April:

April is full-time working mother to 10 children, 7 of whom are siblings that she adopted so they could live in a safe home together. When April was asked to adopt all 7 siblings, she knew it was the right thing to do; she also knew it would be a huge challenge to ensure she could afford enough food to feed her newly-expanded family. She shares, “I go to the grocery store every week and have just enough money for the important things. Sometimes I feel bad that we just don’t have enough food to last.”

Thankfully, Waste Not is able to help April fill the gap. When April picks up her kids from Phoenix Day, a nonprofit partner of ours, she sees the table of fresh food that was delivered that afternoon by Waste Not. The food is free for families like hers to take and it’s there every single week.

April’s story is one of too many. 87,000 households in Maricopa County experience chronic food insecurity. Too many people feel they must choose between paying their bills and buying enough food to feed their families. At the same time, food waste is an ongoing environmental and municipal problem that is costly to both.

Every day that food is thrown away, the damage to the environment becomes greater and the cost for our state to manage landfill space increases. We know we can do better- this food doesn’t have to go to waste. Waste Not works hard to divert as much of this good food as possible from our landfills and get it into the bellies of hungry kids like April’s.

In order to continue feeding the hungry and diverting good food from landfills, Waste Not needs your support. We’ve identified two ongoing challenges: tremendous food waste and persistent hunger, and Waste Not is the one solution to both. To address these ongoing challenges, we need your help to sustain our efforts.

A gift from you—no matter the size—provides a lasting and meaningful impact for our local community and environment. Each dollar donated helps Waste Not to tackle our Valley’s massive food waste problem and provides 5 meals for families just like April’s.

Together, we can confront big challenges and make substantial strides in our pursuit of a sustainable and healthier community.

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