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A New Era of Fighting Hunger & Reducing Food Waste

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

It is with great excitement and commitment that I welcome the incredible opportunity to serve as Waste Not’s new Executive Director.

As I take on my new role, I feel extremely fortunate to have been mentored and guided by Dee Mitten, (former CEO) during this transition. Dee’s institutional knowledge, passion for our mission, history of successful leadership and 16 years of commitment have created a rock-solid foundation for this amazing agency.  It gives me great comfort in knowing that I can count on Dee for her perspective and valuable insights as I begin the work of leading Waste Not into a new era.

During my on-boarding, I have met extremely generous financial supporters, visited committed food donors, gotten to know a highly responsive board and worked with the talented and engaged Waste Not team.  What I will always remember are the people I have met who receive the food donations we deliver. At a small halfway house, one woman said, “We wouldn’t have any food without Waste Not”.  At Phoenix Day, a non-profit childcare center in South Phoenix, I spent time with the sweetest kids and learned from the center director how critical Waste Not food donations are for those children and their families.

1 in 4 children go to bed hungry each night right here in our state and at the same time over 90% of food waste ends up in landfills.  This is not something I can live with and I want to assure you that I will work every day to change the unfortunate realities of hunger and food waste in our community.

My area of focus within the next few months is to continue getting to know those we serve and those who generously support us with gifts of food and funds.  I also plan on meeting with other hunger relief agencies to strategize, create relationships and build innovative partnerships, so together, we can get more food to more people who need it.

I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their vote of confidence in me and thank all of you for your continued support, as we work together to alleviate hunger in our community and make wasted food a thing of the past.

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