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Across the U.S., we join together with other food rescues, food banks, and food pantry's to raise awareness about hunger. No one should go hungry - not when 40% of good, nutritious food goes to landfills each year. Read more below!

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Sept Appeal 2023 Elements

Let me introduce you to Lori. Lori is 64 years old and was living off of beans and rice. She could barely afford rent, let alone quality, good food like vegetables, fruits, and fresh dairy products. 


Until she met Hope Lives and Waste Not.


Waste Not partners with over 85 nonprofits - delivering tens of thousands of pounds of fresh food every month that would otherwise have gone to the landfill. Hope Lives is one of those partners and promotes mental health recovery and wellness. 


With September being Hunger Action Month, we are asking you to add your power, your voice, and your support to the commitment to end hunger in Arizona. 


Walking into Hope Lives right before a distribution, there is a vibrancy of excitement. Rock music plays in the background. Everyone’s talking, laughing, and scurrying around to get ready for the delivery. The atmosphere is infectious and flourishing.


“Before Waste Not, I could not afford to feed myself this well. I’ve never eaten better in my entire life.” - Lori W.


Lori started going to Hope Lives because of Waste Not. But she stayed for the “community, networking, and fellowship”. Lori isn’t just a member of Hope Lives and recipient of Waste Not’s food, she’s a volunteer. Not only does Lori get fresh produce and cheeses (her favorites), she has a place where she can feel supported, valued, and a part of something bigger.

Since 2020, we’ve provided over 85,000 pounds of food to Hope Lives helping their clients - clients like Lori, get the food they need.


Will you help us this September and give today, so that no one has to choose between food and other necessities like medicine, utilities, or mental health care?

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5 ways to Take Action Against Hunger 

1. Learn the facts about hunger. Feeding America has GREAT resources for this. Click here.

2. Go ORANGE for Hunger Action Month. Orange is the color of the month. Take a photo for social media. Use hashtags #hungeractionmonth and #endhungernow.

3. Start a Hunger Action Month fundraiser. Join ours or create your own!

4. Become a regular food bank or food pantry volunteer. Spend time volunteering this month! 

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5. Make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor in honor of Hunger Action Month.

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