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Moving the Needle on Hunger

Waste Not is an organization with a simple, uncomplicated strategy that significantly impacts the quality of life for hundreds of men, women, and children throughout the Valley.


By providing wholesome and nourishing food to our recipient partners, it frees them to address the various needs and challenges of the individuals and families that they serve. The following are glimpses into some of the agencies Waste Not provides food for and the impact this food has on their day to day operations.


Mount of Olives

3546 E. Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Mount of Olives Lutheran Church was built on a cotton field over 50 years ago. Today they sew that cotton into “Quilts of Love” that are distributed to the less fortunate, one of the outreach program of this remarkable church. Another is their Clothes Closet, where they collect and disburse a multitude of items made available for a modest cost or oftentimes free if a particular need is critical.

Since 2006, Waste Not has been collaborating with Mount of Olives in their Food Closet outreach, delivering thousands of pounds of food to them annually. In addition to food, Waste NOT has also been able to supply the church with excess sundries, toys and household items. Their remarkable team of volunteers distributes the food once per week to all who need a helping hand.

They remarked, “there is no way, shape or form that we would be able to do this without Waste Not…they are invaluable to us.” Waste Not is proud, honored and grateful to partner with the kind, generous and selfless members and volunteers of Mount of Olives Lutheran Church. You are a beacon of hope to all of us.


Shepherd's Warehouse

455 E. Continental
Tempe, AZ 85281

Shepherd’s Warehouse Ministry was established on March 5, 1989, in Tempe, Arizona as a food box ministry – assisting 35 families per year with food for the holidays. This initiative had such a great impact on the community that Shepherds was literally forced to move three times to larger facilities to accommodate their program. Now, Shepherd’s provides food boxes of up to 50 pounds to thousands of people year-round.

Waste Not began delivering food to Shepherd’s in 1991. States Renate Blanchard, Director, “We credit Waste Not as the very reason we were able to expand our services to the community so dramatically. To this date, whenever I need something, they make sure I get it. Without Waste Not we would have to close our doors which would be devastating for the thousands of hungry men, women, and children that we serve and have faithfully served for 27 years.”


Homeward Bound

2302 W. Colter

Phoenix, AZ 85015

Homeward Bound provides transitional housing and a broad range of social services for families with children who are homeless or fleeing domestic violence. Homeward Bound offers families a “hand up not a handout,” with each family contributing 30% of their adjusted gross income for housing, utilities, and support services. 95% of families served successfully complete the core program of parenting education, financial basics, home maintenance, and domestic violence prevention, breaking negative cycles and going on to achieve self-sufficiency.

Staff observes “Hunger and adequate nutrition are real concerns for our working poor families. For the past seven years, Waste Not has provided 80% of perishable food distributed through our program, as well as 100% of our Thanksgiving turkeys each year. Not only do the weekly donations of food help clients stretch their grocery budgets, but they also provide our families with a variety of specialty items that they would not be able to afford. It is a resource that our families and staff count on to help fill in the gaps!”


Granite Reef Senior Center

1700 N. Granite Reef Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

The City of Scottsdale has been providing services to seniors for more than 40 years. Granite Reef Senior Center serves as a “one-stop shop”, offering a wide variety of recreation, education, health & wellness, and social service programs. It’s a beehive of activity Monday-Saturday, from 8 am until 9 pm. Citizen contacts number 300,000 per year.

Waste Not has been partnering with the Senior Center since 1993, providing bread, fruit, and extras for seniors to take home to supplement their groceries. Tim Miluk, Human Services Manager, states “I feel that it is an honor and privilege to be able to assist Waste NOT in a small way which the great Waste Not organization multiplies into daily miracles, in a consistent, positive and professional manner for so many people, our seniors, and our entire community.”


Phoenix Day

115 E. Tonto Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phoenix Day serves more than 3,500 children, families, and community members annually through high-quality early education and health services. The majority of clients are low-income area residents, often single mothers, struggling to make ends meet. Founded in 1915 by the Junior Guild of Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix Day offered an innovative service for the time-childcare for World War I wives entering the workforce. Since then it has grown into one of Arizona’s most innovative and progressive child learning centers. Their programs are open to children age 6 weeks to 5 years. They are licensed for 168 children.

They serve breakfast, lunch and two snacks each day. For more than 15 years Waste Not has provided food that is used for special events, as well as reserving some of the donated food to send home with the families to help provide for siblings. They are a stable resource for the surrounding community and partnering with Waste Not helps them better meet the challenges of daily living for the families they serve.


Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

3100 E. Roosevelt St.

Phoenix, AZ 85008

The Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired has been providing services for individuals since 1947. The ACBVI is committed to “enhancing the quality of life for people who are legally blind or otherwise visually impaired.”

Its state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix had humble beginnings. A group of individuals met in one another’s homes to resolve common challenges of living with blindness or visual impairment. The meetings evolved into support groups and their numbers swelled, leading to meetings in the basement of a church. With the help of the Lions Club, plans were made in 1965 to create a permanent facility.

Through dynamic leadership and with a vision to greatly expand services, the Center has become an invaluable resource to our community. Their services, which include assistive technology, counseling, social services, rehabilitation, and mobility training are available to adults who are legally blind or visually impaired as well as to those who have a degenerative eye condition which may lead to visual impairment.

Waste Not is proud to have been affiliated with ACBVI for more than 15 years, delivering food to its doors, providing over 80% of the donated food used at the facility. Each year over 1,800 men and women are served at the Center and, including home services, the number exceeds 3,000. States James May, President & CEO, “Without Waste Not, we would not be able to sustain this program which helps meet the nutritional needs of a very vulnerable population.”





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