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Addressing Hunger in AZ

Waste Not is the only nonprofit agency in Arizona collecting prepared foods that would otherwise go to waste and delivering it directly to nonprofit agencies that serve those in need. All those served are low-income and most experience food insecurity, meaning that several times per week they are uncertain of where their next meal will come from. 

Our 65 partner agencies include homeless shelters, transitional housing, senior facilities, preschools, after-school programs, rehabilitation centers, and food pantries. Our efforts enable partner organizations to focus theirs on other critical needs of the children and families they serve, such as housing, employment, and education.


Waste Not provides approximately 3.5 million meals annually. 

Consistent Access to Food is Crucial


Over 60% of adults who are food insecure work 32 or more hours per week.


For children experiencing food insecurity, Arizona is ranked the 6th worst state in the U.S. and for many children in our community, school meals are their primary source of meals during the week.


1 in 4 children

1 in 5 adults

lack consistent access to adequate food in Arizona. 


Every dollar donated provides
 5 meals to those who need it most 

Agencies We Serve

"The Panera meals last week were such an unexpected treat!  As you can see, we were able to get them out to all 20 open Clubs. We shared them with staff members and Club kids thanks to the Waste Not team. Our typical meals are pretty standard and a treat like this for members was a welcome change and indulgence. You can see how excited they are to try something new, try some special and something that is probably out of reach for many of our members. 


Our staff was especially grateful!  We have asked our team to step up and work on the front lines of this pandemic. It’s long hours and a lot of extra anxiety as our team helps kids navigate a time of uncertainty and change. Getting these surprise meals from your team means they can afford an extra treat for themselves or just save a few dollars at lunch. It means more than you can imagine.


Your donation shows our members and our staff that companies like Panera see them and see their work – and care about them! It was so generous.  Thank you!!

-- Cassidy Campana, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley

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