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OUR COVID-19 Response

We know that needs and health guidelines are changing rapidly and we're all adapting together.


Please use Waste Not as a resource- we're here to support you!


  1. Crisis resources for individuals & families 

  2. Waste Not's current needs & news

  3. Food donor resources

  4. Volunteer driver health & safety information

  5. Updates for our nonprofit partner agencies


Need help right now?

Here’s a list of resources, many from agencies we serve:

This spreadsheet is full of updates about free school meals, grocery store hours, utility support, & childcare info.

We’re here to support our network of 54+ nonprofits across the Valley serving the most vulnerable.


Waste Not is driven to be a resource for those struggling with hunger in our community. During the rapidly evolving situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, we are committed to continuing our important work of eliminating food waste and alleviating hunger for those in need. In line with this core purpose, outlined below are the actions we’re taking and ways you can support your community during this time of uncertainty. 


First and foremost, we’re continuing to connect prepared food to nonprofit agencies serving those in need, including homeless individuals and children. Compassion is one of Waste Not’s core values, so we recognize that while social distancing practices like school closures increase safety, families who are on the brink of poverty are disproportionately impacted. As a result, our nonprofit partners are experiencing additional pressure to serve their clients who are in need of more food. When Waste Not connects prepared food to a nonprofit partner, it not only benefits their clients experiencing hunger, but it greatly reduces the resources the agency needs to spend.


Secondly, due to several events being canceled throughout the Valley, we’re experiencing a surge of food donations. We have always recognized that the solution to reducing hunger relies on collaborative and innovative solutions that prevent excess food from going to waste and efficiently delivering it directly to those in need. During this unprecedented time, we welcome the opportunity to foster new community partnerships while providing individuals and families with the food they need.


There’s lots more that can be done. Here’s how you can help: 

  • Encourage food businesses with excess food to donate, please contact Hillary Bryant at (602) 361-9162 or

  • Attend our next VIRTUAL volunteer driver training. Sign up HERE.

Right now, more than ever, we need to come together as a community to support those who need it most.


While we don’t know when this health situation will end, we do know that there are many opportunities to keep good food out of our landfills and deliver it to hungry people throughout the Valley.

Waste Not can provide 5 meals for every $1 donated. 


As more and more food businesses, resorts, and events close in response to social distancing orders and preventing the spread of this virus, Waste Not is here to ensure that your amazing, perishable food remains out of our landfills and onto the plates of people in need across the Valley.


Waste Not has professional drivers in refrigerated box trucks and a network of responsive volunteer drivers ready to pick up food from your business and deliver it directly to nonprofits serving people in need.



The Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996 protects donors from liability when food and grocery products are donated in good faith to nonprofits who feed those in need.


YOU are our food rescue heroes and we want to help keep you safe!


We appreciate your continued generosity and compassion for the individuals, seniors, families, and children we serve. We will keep you posted on any future developments Waste Not takes to make sure our facilities, employees, volunteers and clients are protected. 

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We're in this together

Our Entire Waste Not Team

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